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Natural Coloured Liquid Latex Special FX

Theatrical quality flesh latex. Flesh latex is an essential tool for adult’s fancy dress costume special effects. This effect make up can be used for blending heavy edges on bald caps or prosthetics. It also helps to create wrinkles or wounds. Theatrical make-up is perfect to complete your horror or Halloween fancy dress party costume.


  • 29.5ml tube of liquid latex.
  • Apply with a sponge, brush or finger tips.
  • Made in USA.
Our Tips:
  • The first and most important thing to know about latex is it stinks! So work in a well ventilated area!
  • Second, disposable tools and applicators are essential! Why? Because when latex dries it can be impossible to remove and will destroy your expensive makeup brushes!
  • What does it look like? Latex is thick and creamy in its liquid state but drys to a rubbery and somewhat sticky skin like texture.
  • What can you do with it? Change your skin texture (old age or zombie makeup stippling), create fake wounds (cuts, abrasions, burns and skin tares), home made prosthetics (you can build literally anything), stick down and blend prosthetics and bald caps.
  • Latex allows for multiple variations in the application process. The use of household items such as cotton balls, tissues and even coffee (for burns) can aid in wound creation.
  • Liquid latex can be layered, but it is essential that if you are layering it, you allow the first layer to dry completely. This will help to prevent tearing on the skin.
  • Once your latex dries it will continue to be sticky. Setting the latex with a loose powder is essential before painting over it or adding bloods. This will stop any potential tears in your work.
  • You can paint over liquid latex with anything you like, including water activated, cream based, grease based and even foundation products.
  • Once painted, you can also add blood to the look to simulate realistic wound effects.
  • Latex can be removed easily by carefully pulling it off your skin (don’t rip it off or you may damage your skin), if the latex has been used on a large surface some warm soapy water can help with loosening it and peeling it off easier.


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