Fairy Dress Up

Fairy Dress Up

Children throughout the ages have enjoyed dressing up in costumes for their dress up parties and engaging in role playing. Fairy Dress up must be the most wonderful costume in the universe for a little girl who loves to dress up and escape another place.



At Party House, we have a wide variety of costumes from kids to adults that makes us the Best Costume shop around Revesby and Bankstown area. One of our best seller costumes for dress ups are the Fairy Wings, Butterfly Wings and colourful tutus for Fairy Dress up.


We have a huge variety of Wings and tutus at Party House. We have the Butterfly wings, Rainbow wings, and coloured wings for kids and adults. We also have different sizes from Small to Large Size Tutus and colours for tutus perfect for your fairy dress up. We have green tutus, red tutus, yellow tutus, pink tutus and the sequin tutus.





You can dress up as fairies for all ages. Truly, fairies are one of the most popular dresses up for all ages today. It lets you explore to another world full of magic and fantasy.


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